MarkMate Rotary Marking Machine

Designed to mark the outer diameter of cylindrical items such as pipe nipples. The Rotary MarkMate® rotary marker machine has a capacity of up to 40 parts per minute. By combining our rotary marker with one of our FeedMate® parts feeders, you can have a fully automated rotary marking system.

Standard Features

  • ½” OD to 4” OD capacity
  • Lengths up to 12”
  • Speeds up to 40PPM
  • Chain feed
  • Operator hand fed or can be attached to one of our FeedMate® step feeders
  • Type holder included
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Painted Safety Green with Yellow guards

Options Available

  • Other diameter / length capacities
  • Custom feed for other types of parts

Fastener Fabrication Spec Sheet