MSI-70 Bar Shear and Rebar Cutter

The MSI-70 is a Semi-Automatic shear for cutting round bars. Dependable hydraulic power and pinch roller feed provides you with an easy to operate package.

Standard Features

  • 140,000 Pounds cutting Force
  • Cuts ½” to 1-1/2 diameter up to 80,000 lbs Tensile Materials
  • Cuts 1/2” to 1-1/8” diameters up to 135,000 lbs Tensile Materials
  • Part lengths from 3” to 12 foot available
  • Speeds up to 20 PPM
  • Pinch rollers for feeding bar into shear, operator must manually load bars.
  • Heavy Duty adjustable out-feed system with bar support for longer parts.
  • 20 HP hydraulic power unit
  • Simple operator controls and changeover.
  • Easily re-sharpened dies.