Bar Shear Boosts Conklin & Conklin's Production

by: Wayne Moncla
Conklin & Conklin Inc. located in Union City, CA manufactures threaded rods, anchor bolts, washers & fasteners primarily used in building construction.  These threaded rods and other anchoring products are required in earthquake prone areas to reinforce building walls and foundations in order to meet building codes.  Electrical and plumbing companies also use these threaded rods to hang piping, fire suppression systems, and duct work. When they need robust rod and bolt processing equipment they turn to Manufacturing Solutions Inc (MSI) of Beaumont, TX for the answers.  Conklin & Conklin use a number of different MSI systems.  Jim Conklin, President, says that  "MSI equipment gets the job done the way it is supposed to be done and the systems last forever.  Our uptime with MSI equipment is outstanding." Conklin & Conklin uses the MSI-100 Bar Shear to cut round bar stock to length for use as threaded rod.  Typically the material is low carbon steel or B7 steel.  Read More

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New Turning Head for use with the C3A ChamferMate

by: Wayne Moncla
MSI proudly introduces the new Turning Head for use with the C3A ChamferMate® – the industry leading bolt and stud chamfering machine.   The Turning Head accurately machines parts to the correct pitch diameter for thread rolling.  By creating the pitch diameter on the end of the bolt or stud it allows the manufacturer to roll the thread onto the part instead of cutting the thread.  The advanced design of the Turning Head results in a better quality part, a more consistent threading process, and lower cost per part for the bolt and stud manufacturers.  Read More

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