Visit MSI at FABTECH in Chicago - November 11th-14th

by: Stephen Parker
Please make plans to stop by and visit MSI at FABTECH in Chicago, November 11-14.  MSI will be exhibiting in booth B37045 and we will have one of our C8H ChamferMate® machines in operation.  We will be doing live, real-time weld bevels and answering any questions you may have about our machinery.  The C8H ChamferMate® making the trip to Chicago will be a special show edition and will be available for purchase during the show.  Be sure to ask Pete or Stephen about our show specials!  Read More

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Serious Production Requires Serious Machinery

by: Stephen Parker
Across the country, business is booming, and production needs are at the highest levels in years.  Let the Manufacturing Solutions ChamferMate® line help with keeping up with those fabrication needs. Our ChamferMate® machines are available to process solid bar, pipe and/or tube ranging from ½”-8” in diameter. With pneumatic and hydraulic options, MSI has the perfect solution for you.  Read More

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Tex-Fin Uses C5H ChamferMate for Pipe Beveling and More!

by: Wayne Moncla
Tex-Fin Inc. of Houston, TX had a problem.  They sold a large job to a South American company that required finned pipe 180 degree return bends to be beveled at a consistent and reliable angle.  This was also a large quantity job and the usual hand beveler would not keep up.  Besides the typical hand beveler is slow, low quality, somewhat hazardous for the operator, and is not reliable in terms of delivering a consistent bevel. Manufacturing Solutions Inc. of Beaumont, TX had the solution.  Tex-Fin purchased a C5H ChamferMate® to automatically add the bevel to the 180 degree return bends.  Tommy Hall, Owner and President of Tex-Fin, says, "MSI was a great asset to us as we needed a tool to handle this large job. Their expertise and engineering know-how made it easy to deliver the quality and consistency our South American customer required, as well as meet our through put requirements." "We have only had the C5H ChamferMate® for three months and we are still exploring ways to use this flexible tool" states Mr. Hall.  Tex-Fin is building a long rack to handle tubes up to 20 feet long that will significantly reduce the time to bevel the ends of these long tubes and pipes.   "We have a number of large quantity long tube jobs with diameters ranging from 1.25 inch to 4 inch diameter that we can produce more efficiently using the C5H ChamferMate® than was possible before - and more profitably for us too!" Perhaps the most exciting new use for the C5H is that Tex-Fin now has the ability to J-Bevel pipe.  Tex-fin is currently bidding on a very large job to produce tube stock for condensers. The customer requires a J Bevel on the tubing return bends so they can use their automated welding system.  "The C5H allows us to bid competitively on this type of job.  The flexible tooling we can use with the C5H is enabling us to add more variation to out tubing and compete for more orders." says Mr. Hall. Tex-Fin is in the business of manufacturing finned pipe/tube and provides related services for the heat transfer industry.   Read More

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What is a J-Bevel for pipe beveling?

by: Wayne Moncla
What is a J-Bevel?  Read More

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