Serious Production Requires Serious Machinery

by: Stephen Parker
Across the country, business is booming, and production needs are at the highest levels in years.  Let the Manufacturing Solutions ChamferMate® line help with keeping up with those fabrication needs. Our ChamferMate® machines are available to process solid bar, pipe and/or tube ranging from ½”-8” in diameter. With pneumatic and hydraulic options, MSI has the perfect solution for you.  Read More

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Visit MSII At FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas!

by: Stephen Parker
Please make arrangemets to stop by and visit with the Manufacturing Solutions team at booth N6103 in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 16-18. We will have a fully operational C8H ChamferMate on site doing live demonstrations, and staff will be on hand to answer any of your questions. We have a handful of FREE Expo Passes available for our current and future customers, so please feel free to contact us at (409) 842-4404 or to reserve yours today! We look forward to seeing you at FABTECH.  Read More

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How to Chamfer Bars or Rods

by: Wayne Moncla
Chamfering bars or rods, much like pipe beveling, is best achieved with an automated process. Automated chamfering offers the most consistent quality, while also being safer and faster than hand grinding. The type of chamfering machine best suited to an application will depend on the requirements: size of the bar or rod (if automatic loading is needed) and if dual ended chamfering is necessary.  Read More

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Chamfering and Marking of Stud Bolts at Choice Fasteners

by: Wayne Moncla
Choice Fastener is a longtime customer of MSI's that manufactures stud bolts in Spring, Texas, north of Houston. Choice Fastener recently purchased an additional C3A ChamferMate® and MarkMate® machine to chamfer stud bolts for their oil and gas customers.  Read More

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Single End Automatic Bar Chamfering

Chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines are invaluable tools to have at your disposal if you have a long term need to chamfer pipe. Chamfering machines are designed for a long life of dependable service with heavy duty construction and quality components. Chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines offer a number of advantages, including: Read More

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Tube End Facing Chamfering Machine

by: Wayne Moncla
ChamferMate® high production chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines are designed for easy setup and operation. Heavy duty construction and quality components are utilized to provide our customers with years of dependable service. Models available for a wide range of diameters and applications such as chamfering, beveling, and deburring.  Read More

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Pipe Beveling at Mueller Environmental

by: Wayne Moncla
Mueller Environmental is located in Houston, TX and is a leader in air filtration, noise control, evaporative cooling, mist extraction and emission control products supplied throughout the United States to gas transmission pipelines.  Read More

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Chamfering Machine Specifications Table Now Available!

by: Wayne Moncla
We proudly manufacture the ChamferMate line of high production chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines, which are designed for easy setup and operation. Heavy duty construction and quality components are utilized to provide our customers with years of dependable service. The ChamferMate line is available in a number of models that offer a wide range of diameters and applications, which is why we are excited to announce a new ChamferMate machine specification comparison table.  Read More

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Tool Holder Angles - Chamfer and Bevel Angles

by: Wayne Moncla
Manufacturing Solutions, Inc can supply you with tool holders to fit your ChamferMate® machine to produce virtually any angle on the machined part. First we must understand how angles are measured.  Read More

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