Need a Bolt Chamfer? Call MSI for the ChamferMate®

by: Wayne Moncla
Gaffney Bolt is a US based hot formed bolt manufacturer that specializes in high quality structural bolts for the oil & gas, construction, and manufacturing industries located in Rockford, IL. Mike Gaffney is the President of Gaffney Bolt and is also a loyal MSI ChamferMate® customer.  Read More

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Reduced Collets are used to Chamfer Bolts

by: Wayne Moncla
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Safety Wire Bolt Drilling and Chamfering with Barnhart Bolt

by: Wayne Moncla
Using a safety wire or lock wires with safety wire bolts is common in the oil & gas industry, as well in aircraft and racing, as an extra precaution to keep critical bolts from unintentionally loosening and the attached parts from falling off due to vibration or other forces.  Read More

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New Turning Head for use with the C3A ChamferMate

by: Wayne Moncla
MSI proudly introduces the new Turning Head for use with the C3A ChamferMate® – the industry leading bolt and stud chamfering machine.   The Turning Head accurately machines parts to the correct pitch diameter for thread rolling.  By creating the pitch diameter on the end of the bolt or stud it allows the manufacturer to roll the thread onto the part instead of cutting the thread.  The advanced design of the Turning Head results in a better quality part, a more consistent threading process, and lower cost per part for the bolt and stud manufacturers.  Read More

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Same Day Stud Bolt Service From Smith Fastener

by: Wayne Moncla
Smith Fastener of Charleston, WV is a family owned, full line fastener distributor specializing in fastener products for companies involved in Equipment Manufacturing, Mining, Oil Refineries, Chemical Manufacturing, Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing, Utilities and Transportation, and Industrial Construction.  Read More

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Chamfer Rod, Bolts and Studs - Vulcan uses the ChamferMate

by: Wayne Moncla
Vulcan Threaded Products, located in Pelham, Al, is the nation’s largest domestic manufacturer and supplier of threaded products.  Vulcan domestically manufactures and inventories threaded rod in a wide variety of materials, threads, and finishes.  Vulcan also domestically produces and stocks a large selection of cold drawn bar products, and specialty products including anchor bolts, U-bolts, and bent eye bolts. Vulcan also has one of the nation’s most modern bar to bar heat treating facilities with five lines heat treating B7 and other materials up to 5” diameter and 60’ long.  Read More

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