DrillMate - Safety Wire Bolt Cross Drills

by: Stephen Parker
DrillMate Safety wire, or lock wire, is often used in conjunction with safety wire bolts to add an extra precaution in securing parts. The process ensures that critical bolts do not loosen because of vibration, or other forces, and attached parts don't fall off.  When creating safety wire bolts, you need machines that are able to drill small diameter holes through the bolt head or body. For this stage we recommend the DrillMate. The DrillMate can efficiently cross drill safety wire bolts in regular and heavy hex heads, socket heads, 12 point bolts, and round bar. This makes the DrillMate ideal for drilling bolts for safety wire.  Read More

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Drilling Bolts for Safety Wire

by: Wayne Moncla
Safety Wire Bolts  Read More

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Safety Wire Bolt Drilling and Chamfering with Barnhart Bolt

by: Wayne Moncla
Using a safety wire or lock wires with safety wire bolts is common in the oil & gas industry, as well in aircraft and racing, as an extra precaution to keep critical bolts from unintentionally loosening and the attached parts from falling off due to vibration or other forces.  Read More

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Same Day Stud Bolt Service From Smith Fastener

by: Wayne Moncla
Smith Fastener of Charleston, WV is a family owned, full line fastener distributor specializing in fastener products for companies involved in Equipment Manufacturing, Mining, Oil Refineries, Chemical Manufacturing, Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing, Utilities and Transportation, and Industrial Construction.  Read More

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Welcome to the MSI Blog!

by: Wayne Moncla
Welcome to the MSI blog where we hope to engage customers in conversations about manufacturing equipment solutions, material processing problems, and ways to improve the processing and manufacture of things like tubes, pipes, bolts, bar stock, and other metal parts.  Read More

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