How to Chamfer Bars or Rods

by: Wayne Moncla
Chamfering bars or rods, much like pipe beveling, is best achieved with an automated process. Automated chamfering offers the most consistent quality, while also being safer and faster than hand grinding. The type of chamfering machine best suited to an application will depend on the requirements: size of the bar or rod (if automatic loading is needed) and if dual ended chamfering is necessary.  Read More

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Rebar Shear

by: Wayne Moncla
MSI offers two distinct options for those looking for a rebar shear solution. Although each machine offers distinct differences, both machines offer the best in dependability, ease of use, and clean cuts.  Read More

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Bar Chamfering Machines For Manufacturing

by: Wayne Moncla
Haala Industries, Inc. was founded in 1974 and is a leading innovator and manufacturer of metal fabricated products for a variety of industries including construction, building fabrication, and infrastructure. Haala offers rebar products, trash guards, safety grates, pipe ties, barrier pins, pond skimmers, wire cone cages, lift cables, stud welding, etc.  Read More

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