Single End Chamfering Automotive Parts

by: Wayne Moncla
Capital Steel & Wire located in Lansing, MI is a leading supplier and distributor of hot rolled steel wire, cold finished long products, and steel bars. When they needed a tool to automatically chamfer one end of bar stock for an automotive supplier they turned to Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. of Beaumont, TX for the answer. Capital Steel purchased a C3A ChamferMate to automatically chamfer 0.9224" diameter 5140 grade bar stock for their automotive customer.  Read More

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Tube Beveling for Heavy Duty Truck Parts at Atro Engineered Systems

by: Wayne Moncla
Atro Engineered Systems, located in Sullivan, MO, is a leader in polyurethane suspension parts for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses and military vehicles and equipment.  One of their most popular products is a torque rod for trucks. This part has a center tube that requires weld prep beveling on both ends. The forged eyes are then pressed and welded onto both ends of the center steel tube.  Read More

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