Posted by Wayne Moncla on Feb 17, 2016

The ChamferMate line of high production tube deburring machines is specifically manufactured for easy setup and operation, making this line ideal for a wide range of applications. One of our most popular ChamferMate models is the C5A.   

The ChamferMate® Model C5A is a heavy duty tube deburring, chamfer, and pipe beveling machine. Able to accomidate ½” to 5” OD, an adjustable OD head comes standard with this model for added versatility. This is an ideal solution for chamfering pipe, deburring or beveling pipe, and chamfering tube up to 3/8” wall thickness.

You can see the C5A in action below!


The ChamferMate® Model C5A offers users a number of features. The C5A features an electronic variable speed drive and a standard 5 hp 3 phase motor. It has a completely enclosed cutting area with attached chip drawer and includes a tool rack. The C5A is designed for portability, with forklift slots and compact size making it easy to fit into your existing set up.


  • The C5A offers buyers a number of optional features, including:
  • Sliding stop for pipe beveling, chamfering tubing
  • Three tool head for OD, ID, and facing tubing or pipe
  • Hollow milling head
  • Pencil pointing head
  • Center drill head
  • Casters
  • Coolant

MSI manufactures custom tooling for all of the machines in the ChamferMate line.

MSI is located in Beaumont, TX and builds chamfering and pipe beveling machines, marking equipment, bar shears, nut assembly tables, cylindrical parts feeders, bolt cross drills, and bolt shortening tools and services an international customer base in a variety of industries.

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