Posted by Wayne Moncla on Nov 03, 2014

feedMateStock parts feeders often have difficulty accommodating cylindrical parts. For applications that require cylindrical parts, it is often necessary to custom design a parts feeder solution specifically for the application. A cost-effective solution for a custom designed parts feeder for cylindrical parts is the FeedMate.

The FeedMate is a Heavy Duty Parts Feeder for orientating and feeding cylindrical parts into Thread Rollers, Chamfering Machines, Cylindrical Grinders and similar machines. Each feeder is custom designed to fit your production requirements. 

Features of the FeedMate  include: 

  • Custom-designed to feed your parts
  • Exit conveyor transfers parts to your machine with escapement mechanism if required
  • Simple, low-maintenance design
  • Heavy plate steel construction
  • All wear parts of hardened steel
  • Variable speed drive

Because the FeedMate is custom designed for your particular application, please send us your parts for evaluation and our engineers will work with you to develop the perfect feeder for your specific application.

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