Posted by Stephen Parker on Jan 14, 2019

The Model C3A-M ChamferMate® Chamfering and Parts Marking Combination Machine is a compact chamfering and stamping combination unit that features a rigid one-piece ductile iron vise, linear ball rails, heavy-duty three-bearing spindle, through-the-spindle stop rod with marking insert capabilities, and an electronic variable-speed drive to provide years of dependable service.

With the addition of the marking stop rod, customers can use the C3A-M as either a chamfering machine, parts marking machine, or a combination of both functions. With use of the selector switch, users can chamfer and/or stamp ends of studs and bolts with ease.

The new C3A-M will offer a diameter range of 3/8”-3” and have cycle times as low as 3 seconds per side. Adjustments are all mechanical, so no need to rely on expensive electronics like that of the competition. The C3A-M is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder that packs 16,000 pounds of force, leaving a clear, deep, easily legible stamp on the ends of bolts and studs that far exceeds that of the competition.

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C3A-M ChamferMate® Chamfering and Parts Marking Combination Machine


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