Posted by Stephen Parker on Aug 25, 2017

Recently, MSI has been getting more and more inquiries asking about solutions that would allow customers to chamfer or bevel longer sections of solid bar, as well and pipe and tube. MSI offers custom setups to allow customers to chamfer or bevel both solid bar and pipe applications. We take 2 of our ChamferMate® machines (machine selection dependent on overall OD size) and incorporate it with a detailed feed table system. This setup allows the machine to pick and place bar/tube/pipe onto a feed roller and into the first machine. After the first end is finished, the piece then gets placed on a 2nd roller system, and the opposite machine is fed into machine number 2. After both ends are processed, the part is then placed into an exit rack for easy grouping and bundling.  

Videos of these custom setups can be found on our YouTube Channel:

Double End Chamfer Setup, Pipe -

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