Posted by Wayne Moncla on Sep 02, 2015

When looking for a bar shear, often the best solution is a hydraulic bar shear like the MSI-100. The MSI-100 is a hydraulic bar shear that is designed for round bar up to 1-1/2” diameter. You can watch the MSI-100 is action below.

msi-100_hydraulic_bar_shearThe MSI-100 is designed for fully automatic operation for cutting items such as bolt blanks and other solid round parts. It can also be used as a rebar cutter. The MSI-100 will provide clean cuts and includes such features such as crop cutting, sorting of drops, and accurate counting of parts.

Standard features of the MSI-100 include:

  • Easy setup and operation
  • 200,000 pounds cutting force
  • cuts 1/2" to 1-1/2" diameters, up to 135,000-pound tensile cold or hot finished material
  • finished part lengths up to 12 foot
  • automatic bar feeds to 40 foot
  • cuts up to 40 PPM on 24"-long parts
  • cuts up to 25 PPM on 36"-long parts
  • automatic end crop and sorting of drops
  • cylindrical dies provide exceptional cut
  • machine layout configured to your requirements

MSI is located in Beaumont, TX and builds chamfering and pipe beveling machines,marking equipment, bar shears, nut assembly tables, cylindrical parts feeders, bolt cross drills, and bolt shortening tools and services an international customer base in a variety of industries.

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