Posted by Wayne Moncla on Aug 15, 2011

Manufacturing Solutions, Inc can supply you with tool holders to fit your ChamferMate® machine to produce virtually any angle on the machined part. First we must understand how angles are measured.

There are two ways to refer to the angle of the chamfer or bevel, measured off of the centerline of the part or the face of the part.  Most solid parts are measured off the centerline, IE a 30 Deg angle is measured from an imaginary line down the center of the part to the angle of the chamfer.  Sometimes it is referred to as an included angle.  In this case the included angle is the angle measured between the two chamfers or double the angle measured off of the centerline.

See drawing below:
included angle for chamfering and beveling30 degree chamfer bevel

Most pipe bevels are measured off of the face of the part.  IE a 37.5 Deg weld bevel would be 52.5 Deg if measured off of the centerline.  See drawing below:

weld bevel angle   37.5 degree weld bevel angle

Once you determine the angle desired and the type of material to be chamfered or beveled, MSI can provide you with the correct tool holder.

Our standard tool holders use a SPG-422 insert and we can make tool holders in any angle from 10 degree to 90 degree.  We stock 30 deg and 45 deg tool holders for the SPG-422 style inserts.

45 degree chamfer angle 10 degree weld bevel angle

Most customers chamfering threaded parts use a 30 deg tool holder. This allows the cutting insert to cut more cleanly across the top of the threads and prevents rolling back of the thread. Also, if chamfering parts prior to roll threading, a 30 deg chamfer is normally used.

Some customers when making cut thread parts, use a 45 deg tool holder.  This is what is normally specified on drawings of special parts such as double end studs and custom bolts

MSI can manufacture custom tool holders for using a number of different types of inserts.  This is beneficial if the customer has other machines that only use the tip or end of an insert, such as a machining center using CNMG inserts

As the chamfering opeation uses the side of the insert, you can use the discarded inserts from the previous operation and in effect have “Free” inserts.

52 degree bevel angle

Tool holders for making special forms, radiuses, internal bores, J-Bevels, and may other operations can be manufactured for the “ChamferMate®” Machines.

Guide to Pipe Beveling

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