Posted by Wayne Moncla on Jul 19, 2011

Using a safety wire or lock wires with safety wire bolts is common in thcross drill bolts, safety bolts, drillmatee oil & gas industry, as well in aircraft and racing, as an extra precaution to keep critical bolts from unintentionally loosening and the attached parts from falling off due to vibration or other forces.

Barnhart Bolt located in Midland, TX and in Odessa, TX produces numerous types of fasteners and bolts including safety wire bolts and other custom fasteners in their expanding machine shops. 

Each safety wire bolt needs to be cut to length, threaded, the end chamfered or angle cut, and then the head needs to be drilled.  Barnhart Bolt produces safety wire bolts from 1/4" to 1 1/2" diameter.

The owners, Roger and Dax Barnhart both say that "the ChamferMate® and DrillMate® equipment we use is of the highest quality and reliability.  These machines never break down."

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The ChamferMate® C3A is a compact chamfering machine that features a rigid one-piece ductile iron vise, top plate and spindle housing, linear ball rails, a heavy-duty three-bearing spindle and an electronic variable-speed drive to provide years of dependable service. The ChamferMate C3A has a 3 inch OD capacity so solid bar, bolts, pipe, and tubing can be chamfered, machined, beveled, or deburred easily and efficiently.

bolt cross drill, drill safety bolt, drillmateThe DrillMate efficiently cross drills safety wire bolts for safety wires. With available tooling, regular and heavy hex heads, socket heads, 12 point bolts, as well as round bar can be cross drilled.  The DrillMate handles up to 3/16" drill diameter with electronically controlled peck cycles for holes up to 2" deep.  The DrillMate can cross drill through head, threads, or the shanks of a safety wire bolt.

MSI is located in Beaumont, TX and builds chamfering and pipe beveling machines, marking equipment, bar shears, nut assembly tables, cylindrical parts feeders, bolt cross drills, and bolt shortening tools and services an international customer base in a variety of industries.

Guide to Pipe Beveling

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