Posted by Wayne Moncla on Jun 23, 2011

Conklin & Conklin Inc. located in Union City, CA manufactures threaded rods, anchor bolts, washers & fasteners primarily used in building construction.  These threaded rods and other anchoring products are required in earthquake prone areas to reinforce building walls and foundations in order to meet building codes.  Electrical and plumbing companies also use these threaded rods to hang piping, fire suppression systems, and duct work.

When they need robust rod and bolt processing equipment they turn to Manufacturing Solutions Inc (MSI) of Beaumont, TX for the answers.  Conklin & Conklin use a number of different MSI systems.  Jim Conklin, President, says that  "MSI equipment gets the job done the way it is supposed to be done and the systems last forever.  Our uptime with MSI equipment is outstanding."

Conklin & Conklin uses the MSI-100 Bar Shear to cut round bar stock to length for use as threaded rod.  Typically the material is low carbon steel or B7 steel.

Mr. Conklin states that the "MSI-100 Bar Shear is very well engineered and is very robust."bar shear The MSI-100 hydraulic bar shear will shear round bar up to 1-1/2” diameter. It is designed for fully automatic operation for cutting items such as bolt blanks and other solid round parts. It can also be used as a rebar cutter. The MSI-100 will provide clean cuts and includes such features such as crop cutting, sorting of drops, and accurate counting of parts.

Conklin & Conklin also uses a number of other automated systems from MSI including

- C3A ChamferMate® chamfering machine for beveling the end of bolts and bar stock
- FeedMate™® parts feeder for automatically aligning and sorting bolt blanks
- C8H “ChamferMate® with Turning Head System for preparing rod ends for threading
- Two Nutmate™®  bolt and nut assembly tables

Mr. Conklin says that "I am an engineer and Wayne and the team at MSI are engineers and they get it!  They understand automation, production environments, and how to deliver equipment that makes our lives a lot easier."

MSI is located in Beaumont, TX and builds chamfering and pipe beveling machines, marking equipment, bar shears, nut assembly tables, cylindrical parts feeders, bolt cross drills, and bolt shortening tools and services an international customer base in a variety of industries.

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