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Vulcan Threaded Products, located in Pelham, Al, is the nation’s largest domestic manufacturer and supplier of threaded products.  Vulcan domestically manufactures and inventories threaded rod in a wide variety of materials, threads, and finishes.  Vulcan also domestically produces and stocks a large selection of cold drawn bar products, and specialty products including anchor bolts, U-bolts, and bent eye bolts. Vulcan also has one of the nation’s most modern bar to bar heat treating facilities with five lines heat treating B7 and other materials up to 5” diameter and 60’ long.

Rod Chamfering Machine Solution

When Vulcan needs stand alone chamfering machines to chamfer rod ends, or automation to load and unload a bar for chamfering, or even a marking machine to identify parts they call MSI, Manufacturing Solutions Inc. in Beaumont, TX.

rod chamfering machine

MSI built Vulcan two custom C8H ChamferMate® chamfering machines for chamfering both ends of up to 5” diameter steel bars 30 foot long.  Different grades of steel are processed using the MSI chamfer machine including B7 heat treated bar and 4140.  The chamfering machines were integrated into an existing production cell and significantly increased though put by automating the handling and processing of the bar stock producing repeatable, high quality chamfered ends.

Dave Johnson, Engineering Manager at Vulcan Threaded says that, "MSI has the right capabilities and attitude to be an excellent partner.  They have a standard line of chamfering machines, bar shears, and marking machines that meet many of our needs.  Wayne Moncla and his team are also willing to work with us to build custom solutions when required.  We can always count on MSI to build a quality chamfering machine at a fair price and deliver excellent customer service and support after the sale.  They always offer us practical advice and expert solutions and we couldn't be happier with them as our chamfer machine partner."

Chamfering Machines Expertise

MSI's standard line of chamfer machines are built and sold under the trade name of ChamferMate®.  At the present time well over 400 ChamferMate® machines are in service.  Materials chamfered are low carbon, medium carbon, medium alloy, stainless steels, and titanium.  Double end chamfer machines have been built with magazine type feeds to process high volume stud bolt manufacturing.  The double end machines have been built with hand feed magazine or automatic hopper feed systems.  MSI has also built end chamfering machines that have been incorporated into an overseas manufactures multi process bar processing equipment.

chamfer rod

ChamferMate® beveling machines with slide stops and tube beveling and facing heads have been made to chamfer or bevel the inside and outside and face tubular products. Materials processed have been carbon, stainless steels, and zirconium.  The maximum capacity machine built to date for tubing is for beveling 8 inch diameter stainless steel tubing to produce weld bevels on wall thicknesses up to ¾”.  ChamferMate® machines have been produced with special cutting heads to produce “J” bevels on pipe for the use of automatic pipe welding machines.

MSI is located in Beaumont, TX and builds chamfering machines, beveling machines, marking machines, bar shears, nut assembly tables, cylindrical parts feeders, bolt cross drills, and bolt shortening tools and services an international customer base in a variety of industries.

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