Posted by Wayne Moncla on Aug 19, 2014

drilling bolts for safety wireSafety Wire Bolts

Safety wire, or lock wire, is often used in conjunction with safety wire bolts to add an extra precaution in securing parts. The process ensures that critical bolts do not loosen because of vibration, or other forces, and attached parts don't fall off. This process is common in a number of industries, including the oil and gas industries, and in racing and aircrafts.

The Right Machines for the Job

When creating safety wire bolts, you need machines that are able to drill small diameter holes through the bolt head or body. For this stage we recommend the DrillMate. The DrillMate can efficiently cross drill safety wire bolts in regular and heavy hex heads, socket heads, 12 point bolts, and round bar. This makes the DrillMate ideal for drilling bolts for safety wire. 

A machine may also be requred to chamfer the threaded ends of the bolts.  We recommend the  ChamferMate® C3A because, as a compact pipe beveling/chamfering machine, it is ideal for chamfering.  With a 3 inch OD capacity, the ChamferMate® C3A efficiently handles chamfering, machining, beveling, or deburring  solid bars, bolts, pipe, and tubing.

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