Posted by Wayne Moncla on Jul 23, 2013

Across a wide range of industries there is a need for nuts to be assembled onto studs, bolts, and other items prior to shipment. Often the volume of these projects makes hand assembly unwieldy or impractical. When this is the case, a nut and bolt assembly machine can speed up the assembly process.

This guide lays out the standard features for two nut and bolt assembly solutions.

NutMate Assembly Tables

Used extensively in the fastener industry for assembling nuts onto studs, bolts, and similar items prior to shipment, the NutMate™ nut assembly tables allow for easy changeover and simple operation.

Standard Features

  • dual-spindle design for simultaneous use by two people
  • assemble up to 1,200 nuts per hour, per person
  • drive rings available from stock for up to 1-1/2" heavy nuts
  • all welded 10-gauge construction
  • 1/2-horsepower, 110-volt motor
  • heavy duty spindles and bearings
  • 700-rpm spindle speed
  • automatic belt tensioning
  • removable center divider
  • drive ring rack
  • belt guard
  • 32" x 72" floor space
  • 29" working height
  • painted safety green

Horizontal NutMate

Another option when looking for nut assembly machines is the Horizontal NutMate™. The Horizontal NutMate™ is a nut assembly machine that quickly assembles nuts and washers on anchor bolts and other long threaded parts not suited for the standard NutMate table.

Standard Features

  • Holds 1/4 kegs of nuts
  • Escapement of nuts foot activated
  • Tooling available for 1/2" to 1 1/2" nuts (Requires different tooling for finished or heavy nuts.)
  • All wear parts made of hardened steel.
  • Easy changeover
  • 1/2HP 110V Motor
  • Belt Guard
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