Posted by Wayne Moncla on Aug 14, 2012

ChamferMateWe proudly manufacture the ChamferMate line of high production chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines, which are designed for easy setup and operation. Heavy duty construction and quality components are utilized to provide our customers with years of dependable service. The ChamferMate line is available in a number of models that offer a wide range of diameters and applications, which is why we are excited to announce a new ChamferMate machine specification comparison table.

The four models of the ChamferMate line are:

  • The ChamferMate® Model C3A:  A compact pipe beveling machine / chamfering machine that features a rigid one-piece ductile iron vise, top plate and spindle housing, linear ball rails, a heavy-duty three-bearing spindle and an electronic variable-speed drive to provide years of dependable service. The ChamferMate C3A is commonly used as a deburring machine.
  • The ChamferMate® Model C5A: A pipe beveling machine that is a larger version of our C3A with the same features.
  • The ChamferMate® Model C5H: A heavy duty hydraulic pipe beveling machine. With more power than our pneumatic machines it can machine j-bevels and other forms on the ends of heavy wall pipe and tubing as well as chamfer larger sizes of solid bar or studs. The C5H can also be used as a heavy duty deburring machine.
  • The ChamferMate® Model C8H: A heavy duty hydraulic powered pipe beveling machine. With 20 HP, the C8H has the power to machine weld bevels and other forms on the end of heavy wall pipe and tubing within its range.

Because of each of these models offers specific options, the ChamferMate C3A, C5A, C5H, and C8H specifications are arranged in an easy to read table designed for comparison. The table compares: diameter range, pipe sizes, approximate wall thickness, horsepower, voltage/amp, RPM range, clamping, spindle feed, feed rate, spindle stroke, coolant, pipe stop (sliding stop), type of head, optional head, physical size, and approximate weight across all four ChamferMate lines.

MSI also manufactures custom tooling for all of the machines in the ChamferMate line.

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