Posted by Wayne Moncla on May 21, 2012

bar shear, bar shearsChannellock, Inc., located in Meadville, Pa., is a 126 year old company that specializes in  manufacturing hand tools including, Tongue and Groove pliers, Cutting Pliers, Concretor Nippers, Lineman Pliers, Needle Nose Pliers, and the new Rescue tools. Their forged pliers are all manufactured in Meadville PA, USA.

Channellock, Inc. is a company that has stood the test of time by making tools that do the same. Their tools, values, and their name are built to last. 

Channellock uses high carbon steel billets that are up to 1” diameter as the raw material for much of their product line. Channellock had been outsourcing the shearing of these bars to several different steel suppliers. Channellock would maintain an inventory of long bar steel at each of their suppliers and place orders for a specific number of billets of different lengths and diameters. These orders would be cut and delivered usually within 3 days depending on a number of variables outside of the control of Channellock. 

Channellock decided to make some internal improvements including reducing billet inventory, shortening delivery time, and improving part quality. They approached MSI of Beaumont, Texas to build a custom bar shearing machine capable of meeting their quality and production requirements. 

MSI worked with the Channellock team to build a bar shearing system that would meet all of their unique needs. A system was needed to meet Channellock’s rigorous standards for quality and also include some interesting features.  Channellock required a system that would run in a steel warehouse and be exposed to very hot and very cold conditions. This would require a hydraulic fluid heating system to accommodate the cold winter conditions. MSI built the shearer to meet all specifications and they, “are exceeding our expectations for performance and reliability,” states Terry Farrell, Director of Engineering and Manufacturing Services.

MSI added a detangler station, so that the billets would be properly aligned for the shearing process.  Channellock added an automatic material handling system at the end of the shearing process that picks up the sheared billets and places them in custom designed containers. 

“Our part quality has improved since we brought the bar shearing process in house. The die sets MSI delivers can be reversed to increase usage time before we need to re-sharpen them. We tend to get fewer edge burrs which helps our quality and processing time. MSI is a great partner for us and we appreciate the way they do business and help us make our pliers better,” says Mr. Farrell.

Here is the MSI Hydraulic Bar Shear in action.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how MSI can help you with your bar and billet shearing needs.

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