MSI's Newest Addition: The C3A-M Chamfering and Stamping Combination Machine

by: Stephen Parker
The Model C3A-M ChamferMate® Chamfering and Parts Marking Combination Machine is a compact chamfering and stamping combination unit that features a rigid one-piece ductile iron vise, linear ball rails, heavy-duty three-bearing spindle, through-the-spindle stop rod with marking insert capabilities, and an electronic variable-speed drive to provide years of dependable service.  Read More

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Visit MSI at IFE and FABTECH 2018

by: Stephen Parker
Fall is finally upon us, and that means the start to a busy trade show season.  MSI is gearing up and prepared to hit the road for the International Fastener Expo, and FABTECH.  We will be doing live demonstrations in both booths, with ownership and management on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Read More

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MSI is Proud to Announce the addition of the C3A-M ChamferMate® Chamfering and Parts Marking Combination Machine

by: Stephen Parker
Customers have been asking us for years, and Manufacturing Solutions Industries Inc. is proud to announce we now offer a combination chamfering and stamping ChamferMate® unit.  Read More

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New Product Announcement Coming Soon

by: Stephen Parker
2018 has been an incredible year at Manufacturing Solutions, and we look to keep the momentum going as we head into 2019.  It’s now the time of year where we shit gears, and begin to focus on trade shows, and getting the opportunity to present our products live and in person in front of current customers and prospects alike.   Read More

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Serious Production Requires Serious Machinery

by: Stephen Parker
Across the country, business is booming, and production needs are at the highest levels in years.  Let the Manufacturing Solutions ChamferMate® line help with keeping up with those fabrication needs. Our ChamferMate® machines are available to process solid bar, pipe and/or tube ranging from ½”-8” in diameter. With pneumatic and hydraulic options, MSI has the perfect solution for you.  Read More

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MSI Gets Ready to Hit the Road for FABTECH 2017

by: Stephen Parker
FABTECH 2017 is just 2 short weeks away. This year, the host site will be McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. MSI will be located in Booth B19097. There, we will have sales and management staff on hand to answer any questions you may have. We will also have a fully operational C8H ChamferMate machine and will be conducting demonstrations for anyone who wants to see the e machine in operation.  Read More

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Manufacturing Solutions Offices Temporarily Closed Due To Hurricane Harvey

by: Stephen Parker
To all our customers - Manufacturing Solutions is currently closed due to the heavy rains and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. We look to return to work as soon as possible - as soon as it is safe for our employees. For any inquiries, please direct them to or and they will be answered as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Have a great day.  Read More

Beveling long parts made easy with the MSI "Double Line" ChamferMate Setup

by: Stephen Parker
Recently, MSI has been getting more and more inquiries asking about solutions that would allow customers to chamfer or bevel longer sections of solid bar, as well and pipe and tube. MSI offers custom setups to allow customers to chamfer or bevel both solid bar and pipe applications. We take 2 of our ChamferMate® machines (machine selection dependent on overall OD size) and incorporate it with a detailed feed table system. This setup allows the machine to pick and place bar/tube/pipe onto a feed roller and into the first machine. After the first end is finished, the piece then gets placed on a 2nd roller system, and the opposite machine is fed into machine number 2. After both ends are processed, the part is then placed into an exit rack for easy grouping and bundling.    Read More

ChamferMate® Spare Parts Lists

by: Stephen Parker
A new year is upon us, and for many people, “busy season” is fast approaching. Help protect your investment and ensure maximum productivity for 2017 by performing some general maintenance practices. Down machinery means lost time and money, so consider replacing old or worn parts before it’s too late. A small investment in spare parts now, could mean saving thousands later!    Read More

Benefits of using a ChamferMate® Pipe Beveling and Chamfering Machine by MSII

by: Stephen Parker
Manufacturing Solutions Industries, Inc.'s ChamferMate® high production chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines are designed for easy setup and operation. Heavy duty construction and quality components are utilized to provide our customers with many years of dependable service. We offer three different models available for a wide range of diameters and applications such as chamfering, beveling, and deburring.  Read More