pipe beveling machineThe ChamferMate® Model C8H is a heavy duty hydraulic powered pipe beveling machine with up to 8-3/4” OD capacity. With 20 HP, the C8H has the power to machine weld bevels and other forms on the end of heavy wall pipe and tubing within its range.

Model C8H ChamferMate Standard Features

  • Adjustable from 1" up to 8" pipe diameters
  • Accurately machines weld bevel and faces pipe square
  • Fast cycle times, normally under 20 seconds
  • Adjustable cutter head with interchangeable carbide inserts set with digital calipers
  • Interchangeable grips for different sizes of pipe, tubing and solid bar
  • Electronic variable speed drive
  • Heavy duty construction utilizing machine tool-type linear rails
  • Hydraulic powered clamping and feed
  • Coolant system
  • Large chip drawer in machine base

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Pipe Beveling Benefits

Benefits of our chamfering machines and pipe beveling machines include:

  • No more hand-grinding or torching of weld bevels
  • Automated pipe beveling machines are many times faster than portable units
  • Cycle normally in the 5-20 second range
  • Safer than hand grinding
  • Accurately machines weld bevel and faces pipe square
  • Sturdy construction and quality materials for years of dependable service
  • Pipe beveling machines have low operating costs
Diameter Range 1" to 8-5/8" OD
Pipe Sizes 1" to 8"
Center Height 39"
Typical Wall Thickness
Varies with diameter, material, and profile. Consult Factory for your specific application.
4" Pipe-SCH 160
6" Pipe-SCH 120
8" Pipe-SCH 80 
Horsepower (Std) 20 HP
Voltage/Amp (1) 220-3-60 / 80A
  440-3-60 / 40A
Standard RPM Range
Consult Factory for your specific RPM application.
Pneumatic Requirement 1 CFM @ 90 PSI
Clamping Hydraulic
Spindle Feed Hydraulic
Feed Rate Adjustable
Spindle Stroke 6"
Coolant Standard
Pipe Stop (Sliding Stop) Standard
Standard Head (2) Three Tool ID, OD, Face
Physical Size 37"W x 51"D x 68"H
Appx Weight Lbs 3,500 lbs
(1) Other voltages and frequencies available for additional cost.
(2) Custom heads and tool holders for special angles, J-Bevels, OD Hollow Milling, ID boring, Center Drilling, etc., are available.
All of MSI's beveling machines can be customized to meet your individual production needs.

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