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nut assembly table, NutMate

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NutMate Factsheet

Reliable NutMate™ nut assembly tables are used extensively in the fastener industry for assembling nuts onto studs, bolts, and similar items prior to shipment. Easy changeover and simple operation speeds the assembly process.

Standard Features

  • dual-spindle design for simultaneous use by two people
  • assemble up to 1,200 nuts per hour, per person
  • drive rings available from stock for up to 1-1/2" heavy nuts
  • all welded 10-gauge construction
  • 1/2-horsepower, 110-volt motor
  • heavy duty spindles and bearings
  • 700-rpm spindle speed
  • automatic belt tensioning
  • removable center divider
  • drive ring rack
  • belt guard
  • 32" x 72" floor space
  • 29" working height
  • painted safety green

Options Available

  • custom spindles and drive rings to allow nuts to be run fully up threads on parts
  • reversible motor

Product Photos

nut assembly table, NutMate