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MSI Direct Part Marking Solutions

MSI is proud to offer a complete line of direct part marking solutions for marking just about any metal material.

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Dot Peen marking technology is one of the most versatile marking solutions on the market today. Dot peen marking equipment capabilities range from simple nameplate requirements to completely integrated solutions to mark directly onto fabricated components in-line.

Our dot peen marking systems are versatile marking stations for small to medium size parts, and can be used to mark many materials ranging from plastics to 62Hrc metals. These electrically driven dot peen units require no air supply to operate making them a low cost investment with no consumables and no maintenance.

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The DuraDot is a spindle-actuated mechanical dot peen marking attachment for use in CNC machining centers. It creates alpha-numeric characters, logos, bar codes and much more in precise low stress dot patterns.

The DuraDot does not require compressed air or electric. It easily integrates into vertical or horizontal machining centers, milling machines and similar CNC machines with rotating spindles. It can be manually loaded or traverse through automatic tool changer processes.

Marking capabilities of the DuraDot depend only on the capabilities of the machine’s engraving or CAD software used. Dot density is adjusted thru RPM and feed rate settings.

Marking window sizes are limited only by the machining center itself. The DuraDot is a cost-effective in-line alternative to dot peen marking machines used in secondary processes.

A variety of materials up to 55 HRc can be marked with the carbide stylus including heavy metals, steel, titanium, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

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Our pneumatic presses are simple to set up, easy to operate and offer excellent repeatability. Pneumatic presses provide a safe, consistent mark for high-volume marking applications.

Your pneumatic press can be provided with or without dual hand controls.

Our Impact Presses provide versatility in manufacturing applications including press marking, numbering, press stamping, punching, shearing, piercing, forming, or assembly. Our engineers will work with you to provide custom fixtures/nesting for the most challenging shop press applications.