MSI-100 Hydraulic Bar Shear

MSI-100 Hydraulic Bar Shear, Rebar Cutter

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Hydraulic Bar Shear Factsheet

Hydraulic shear for round bar up to 1-1/2” diameter. Fully automatic operation for cutting items such as bolt blanks and other solid round parts. It can also be used as a rebar cutter. The MSI-100 will provide you with clean cuts and features such as crop cutting, sorting of drops, and accurate counting of parts.

Standard Features

  • easy setup and operation
  • 200,000 pounds cutting force
  • cuts 1/2" to 1-1/2" diameters, up to 135,000-pound tensile cold or hot finished material
  • finished part lengths up to 12 foot
  • automatic bar feeds to 40 foot
  • cuts up to 40 PPM on 24"-long parts
  • cuts up to 25 PPM on 36"-long parts
  • automatic end crop and sorting of drops
  • cylindrical dies provide exceptional cut
  • PLC control features:
    • auto parts count control
    • control of crop length
    • easy die stroke setup
    • password protection
  • machine layout configured to your requirements
  • send your parts and specifications for evaluation and our engineers will work with you to create the perfect shear for your application

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MSI-100 Hydraulic Bar Shear, Rebar Cutter