Double End ChamferMate, fast chamferingThe Model DEC-3 ChamferMate® Double End machine chamfers both ends simultaneously of bolt blanks, stud bolts, rod, bar, tubing or pipe. With fast chamfering and pipe beveling speeds up to 30 parts per minute, the DEC-3 will increase the production of these parts many times over our standard chamfering machines.

Double End ChamferMate® Features

  • ½” to 1-1/2” OD Capacity
  • 2-1/2” to 12” length capacity (Longer lengths available)
  • Speeds to 30 PPM depending on diameter and amount of chamfer
  • Easy diameter and length changes
  • Dedicated transfer and feed chute tooling for different diameters
  • Adjustable OD cutter head standard
  • Pipe Beveling Chip drawer

Options Available

  • Marking station in feed track for marking the ends of solid parts
  • Coolant
  • Can be attached to one of our FeedMate® Feeders for automatic operation
  • Custom cutting heads

Pipe Beveling Benefits

Benefits of our chamfering machines and beveling machines include:

  • No more hand-grinding or torching of weld bevels
  • Automated pipe beveling machines are many times faster than portable units
  • Cycle normally in the 5-20 second range
  • Safer than hand grinding
  • Accurately machines weld bevel and faces pipe square
  • Sturdy construction and quality materials for years of dependable service
  • Pipe beveling machines have low operating costs

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