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Pipe Facing Machine

pipe facing machine

While there are many ways to create an angle at the end of a pipe or tube, know as pipe facing or pipe beveling, automation offers a number of advantages over other options. Pipe facing options like hand grinding, flame cutting, hand held bevelers, and lathes are all time consuming, labor intensive processes. Automatic pipe facing, on the other hand, is a consistent, safe, and clean process that makes large volume applications much simpler.

Rebar Shearing Machine

rebar shearing machine

A rebar shearing machine, or hydraulic bar shear, is a machine used for cutting solid round parts. Often used for cutting bolt blanks, hydraulic bar shears can be found in a wide variety of industries and applications. MSI carries two types of rebar shearing machines the MSI-100 and the MSI-70.

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Pipe Beveler - Benefits of Automation

pipe beveler

There are many ways to create a bevel, an angle between the edge of the end of a pipe or tube and a plane perpendicular to the surface, like hand grinding, flame cutting, hand held bevelers, a lathe, or a pipe beveler. Hand grinding, flame cutting, hand held bevelers, and lathes are all time consuming processes, so they aren't well suited to high volume applications. Hand grinding and flame cutting also present a couple of other issues, most importantly they are dirty, inconsistent processes and so are really only an option for very low volume applications.

Drilling Bolts for Safety Wire

drilling bolts for safety wire

Safety Wire Bolts

Rebar Shear

rebar shear

MSI offers two distinct options for those looking for a rebar shear solution. Although each machine offers distinct differences, both machines offer the best in dependability, ease of use, and clean cuts.

Bevel Machine

bevel machine

Pipe beveling is the process where an angle is formed between the edge of the end of a pipe or tube and a plane perpendicular to the surface.  A standard pipe bevel angle for welding is 37.5 degrees.  Other angles and special forms such as J-Bevels can also be produced on the ends of pipe or tube using automatic beveling machines. 

Industrial Machine Design

industrial machine design

Sometimes, no matter how hard you look or how much research you do, you just can't find the one machine that will fit your exact application. For some applications there simply is no exact match in the machine world that will meet all of your needs. When this is the case, it can be hard to try and make a machine that is only a partial fit for your job work. Which is why we offer machine design services.

Steel Bar Cropper

steel bar cropper

A hydraulic bar shear, otherwise known as a steel bar cropper, is an indispensible piece of equipment in many set up. Designed to cut bolt blanks, bars, or other round objects MSI offers two types of hydraulic bar shears. 


Pipe Beveling on Display: Greetings from The OTC

beveling machine

Earlier this month, MSI was lucky enough to be demonstrating at The OTC. The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has been around since 1969, and is the world's foremost event for the development of offshore resources in drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.  

Double End Bar Chamfering Machine


Check out this video of the MSI Double End Bar Chamfering machine handling .5511 diameter titanium rods.

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